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Posted: December 14th, 2023

What is YOUR idea of fun?


Amusant, diversion, zabawa, menyeronokkan- these are just some of the versions of the word “fun“. As this word has various equivalents in other languages, the idea of fun also differs from person to person depending one’s own interpretation.

In younger years, we take fun as a product of an activity such as playing along with our Lenovo computer or watching our favorite cartoon series. Under normal circumstances, a person at an early age possesses this kind of idea of fun in mind. In this particular level, we could therefore say that fun is tantamount to entertainment or recreation.

“Going to school is fun”.This statement is something that does not normally come out from the mouths of the younger ones. It is an evidence that as we grow older, we may have new sets of perceptions regarding fun as we tend to acquire deeper or further understanding about this seemingly simple yet complex term. We explore a certain stage where we learn to appreciate acquisition of knowledge. As a result of such appreciation, we claim that we experience fun.

In certain cases, fun is experienced by a being when encountering situations where another person is faced with slightly or extremely embarrassing moments which normally takes place when one isn’t careful enough with what he does or says. While it is true that this scenario may result to an outburst of ecstatic emotions from others, it may not be enjoyable for some. Sometimes, a joke that is being cracked will also result to a feeling of fun. By this, we may assume that the feeling of fun is a direct product of an intentional or unintentional turn of events that create surprises.

As part of our lives, we have certain activities which we love to do and we call them our hobbies. One may love to shop, to play any sports or to go to movies. These activities bring about a positive feeling to the ones who are fond of doing such. Sometimes, an individual may do all sort of things just to do what he repeatedly does because it is by fulfilling those acts that he gets contentment. It is for this reason that many people say, “shopping is fun” or “playing volleyball is fun”. This is just a clear indication that the idea of fun is sometimes brought about by the satisfaction of one’s hobbies.

Sometimes, fun is dependent upon one’s mood. Even if the person is doing his routine, given something or faced with relatively funny situations, that person may not feel the spirit of fun if not in a pleasant mood. However, in times where one’s mood is positive, it would be easy to welcome fun.

One may equate fun with enjoyment, frolic, amusement, pleasure and many other terms according to perception. Do you have the same idea of fun?

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My idea of fun

Whether you are working or studying, sometimes we get a stressful day or week. It is so upsetting after spending our precious time either doing some extended paper work from office or a rush project done to meet up thedeadline set by the school we receive a bad result. Considering that, an idea of fun is preferable to have. Somehow it will lessen the burden you feel now and eventually, you will find yourself already reminiscing the old days.

Back when we were so innocent of the things around us, most of us consider fun as something that we find enjoyment to, whether it is an ordinary thing or not. The idea of pleasure might already in them. My perception about fun compare to other people is different; the idea of fun is so simple. It’s all about toys in bed. It’s quite enjoying in this stage playing that stuffs until we fell asleep. To them, that is fun already!

As days passed, little by little our innocence evolves into curiosity and that, we learned more about the concept of fun. It’s all about the enjoyment we get either from work or social gatherings. However, we sometimes get a misconception between fun and enjoyment. Fun is purely a playful activity! We might wonder that we can say, I had fun but definitely I didn’t enjoy or, I enjoyed a lot but I didn’t have fun. But, why would I contrast these two if both give the feeling of pleasure.

The idea of fun simply comes from four letters; it is a big capital P-L-A-Y. As long as we forget the stress, disappointments and pressures, fun had already there. It may come from in a simple conversation like doing some jokes or discussing some brain twister in the group. Also, play doesn’t mean we have to run over here and over there. We can utilize our time playing some scrabbles or chess with our family. Fun is more enjoyable if we just let ourselves do things naturally. Perhaps, you’ll find it much enjoying if we spend it with our dear family either playing PC games.

Share your extra time doing some games and have fun. Go out with your close friends, family or your officemates. Just play! Don’t rush things because at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself empty of the things you had done. The idea of fun is essential in making the canvass more beautiful and meaningful.

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Finding cheap car insurance for women

If you are a woman driver, it is essential to look for cheap car insurance for women. Insurance companies actually offer various insurance rates for different types of drivers. Auto insurance does not necessarily need to be very expensive, and you will actually be able to get the best rates in the market if you only know how. However, this does not mean that you should stick with the cheapest ones in the market. This means that you should carefully weigh all your options to find the auto insurance policy that gives great coverage at a reasonable price. Here are a few tips on how to find auto insurance for women drivers.

Some of the first few things that you need to take note of are the different types of car insurance policies. Insurance companies offer different types of car insurance policies, such as comprehensive and collision insurance. Comprehensive insurance gives protection if your car is damaged while you are driving, or if your car is damaged due to theft or because of natural disasters and weather increments. Liability insurance gives you enough coverage for damage to the property of third parties, including causing bodily harm to other people. Collision insurance gives coverage during vehicular accidents and collisions. If you want to get cheaper insurance, then you should consider getting the most basic types of insurance policies that have more affordable rates.

To be able to get cheap car insurance quotes, women drivers should also consider getting extra safety devices such as side curtain airbags, theft protection devices, electronic stability control, anti-lock brakes, and other types of features that increase the safety level of vehicles. In addition, if you want to get cheap car insurance quotes, you should also consider getting a simple car rather than fancy sports cars. Luxury cars have higher insurance premiums, which can cost a lot especially if you have a tight budget. Another tip on how to get cheaper insurance rates is to actually improve your overall driving record. You might want to go to various types of driving and training schools that offer defensive driver courses. A lot of companies offer great discounts for women drivers who have undergone further training. It is advisable to check if a company actually offers this type of discount.

Even your credit score or credit rating can impact your overall car insurance rate. Most insurance companies offer more affordable insurance rates for those who have high credit ratings because they are generally more responsible. This usually translates to responsible driving, which is one of the factors that insurance companies look for when calculating the overall premium of an auto insurance policy. Try to check your credit score and see if there are any errors in it, in order to make the necessary disputes before you actually purchase a specific type of insurance policy.

It is advisable to ask for free estimates or free quotes from 3 to 5 insurance companies to be able to compare the rates in the market (see sites such as And make sure to choose a reputable company that offers high quality and cheap car insurance for women.

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My best friend’s idea of fun

Each word’s letter composition might be short but it takes a lot of meaning which is sometimes hard to define. Live. For God gave you this opportunity to explore the world. Love. It is essential for you to connect with your friends, stick with your relatives and create a family of your own. And never forget to laugh. This will revitalize your whole system. These three words are vital to every individual who is striving for a better purpose of living. But why in all emotions, the idea of fun seems to be one essential ingredient in achieving a rewarding disposition?

Naturally, we are born with the idea of fun. In our daily lives, we are not actually aware of little things that make us happy. It is because we are more focused on the huge achievement that we want to accomplish which is important to us. But what if that main goal is still too far from your reach, won’t you even notice the pleasurable moments that come your way everyday? You’ll definitely miss a chunk of you life if you do. Let me share to you my best friend’s idea of having fun.

My best friend believed that a person who takes time to be happy at the midst of difficulties has a positive outlook in life. This person knows how to handle negative and positive things all in his hands. He is therefore, matured enough to successfully feel that his alright even though his not.

Studies show that a young child smiles for about 400 times a day but when a person grows older, the number declines to 15 times per day. Does it indicate that the more we grow older the less we can experience fun? It’s a terrible reality. We tend not to enjoy just because of maybe our personal disappointments in life or it might be suppressed by wrong perception. If this is the case, we definitely miss tidbits of happiness that comes along our journey. Kudos for the mature person who can still appreciate funny things despite of the fact that something is breaking inside him.

My best friend also pointed out that a person who considers the idea of fun has a favorable attitude. This is due to the way of thinking of a person. Success depends greatly on one’s attitude. So when you know how to handle problems out, you’ll be successful.

Remember that when you consider the idea of fun it does not necessarily mean you have just to wait for the time when you can be happy. You can also be creative on putting yourself on the lighter side. Do the craziest things that you never tried before and you will discover that it is worth no price.

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Choosing the best business bank account

Finding the best business bank account is one of the first key decisions that you need to make when starting a specific type of business. A lot of business owners actually opt to open an account with their current banks, which is not a bad idea if you do not have the time to look for other banks in your area. However, you might actually miss out on other banks that offer fewer charges and fees, and higher interests for current balances. Therefore, if you truly want to get the best business bank account in the industry, you should do a lot of research to make sure that you get the best value for your money. If you want a little help on how to find the best business accounts in the industry, this article is ideal for you.

It is very important to check the basic products and services offered by a specific company. Make sure that the bank offers check books and other types of products to help you with your finances. You should also take a look at the various facilities offered by the bank if you want to get a high quality and cheap business bank account. Do they offer electronic services and internet banking? Do they have a 24-hour customer service in case you need some assistance on your bank accounts? Do they offer a certain type of telephone banking to make your banking transactions easier and more convenient? These are just some of the most basic facilities and services that you need to look for to make sure that you get the best level of service from a financial institution and to find a cheap business bank account. It is also very important to check the fees and interest rates of a specific bank. A lot of banks actually charge per transaction, regardless of the types of checking or cash transactions that you make. Try to negotiate for better rates, especially if you plan to open a large business account. If you intend to do a lot of online transactions, stick with a company that offers very low charges and fees for online transactions. And if you want to make more checking transactions, then look for a company that offers low charges for these types of transactions.

You might also want to check the financial advisers of a specific bank. A number of banks in the industry actually have an advice team to give basic advice to their business clients. It is also very important to make a few inquiries with several banks to assess their level of knowledge regarding different types of business bank accounts. Always try to compare business bank accounts to make sure that you have the best one in the industry. A lot of business owners make sure to compare business bank accounts so as not to get scammed or ripped off with their decisions.

Weigh all the different factors and aspects thoroughly and carefully before you make a decision. Take your time and carefully evaluate all the pros and cons to be able to find the best business bank account in the industry. For more information and advice, go to

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Don’t abandon all hope of securing a competitive mortgage

It’s a tough market right now, thanks to the economic pressures on banks and building societies, and first time buyers are the big losers in the constant economic back-and-forth between capital and risk. The possibility of an economic collapse in the eurozone has filled UK lenders with abject terror, causing them to all but cease lending in an effort to hoard as much capital as possible in order to stave off bank failures of the kind that were seen in 2008, which has resulted in it becoming nearly impossible to secure an affordable mortgage for first time home buyers with little to put down as a deposit or who lack detailed credit histories, but the good news is that the Government is taking steps to loosen credit restrictions in order to stimulate economic recovery.


To this end, the Treasury and the Bank of England recently launched a quite noteworthy scheme this past July that has already begun to show limited success in bringing more affordable housing to British borrowers. Known as the Funding for Lending scheme, it involves offering low cost wholesale loans to major high street financial service providers as long as these banks and building societies agree to lower interest rates on their retail lending, which should in theory result in lowered costs for not just mortgages but also personal loans and business loans.

Many British lenders have come forward to accept the low-cost capital from the Treasury quite eagerly, and in response many have begun to lower the interest rates on their mortgages. However, adoption has been slow, and for the most part only those home loan offerings with the most stringent of criteria – such as the requirement of a massive deposit, sometimes as high as 40 per cent of the cost of the total loan – have had their interest rates reduced, but hopes run high that lenders in the UK will begin to reduce the interest rates on mortgages that will be more accessible to first time buyers as well.


While the Funding for Lending scheme has been sluggish to actually have any universal positive effects on the mortgage lending market, another attempt by the Bank of England to level the playing field may soon become reality. The Bank, through its Monetary Policy Committee, has the ability to set the base rate on all financial products that carry interest, such as savings accounts, business loans, and mortgages, and for the past three years the MPC has kept the base rate quite low at only 0.5 per cent with the hopes that the economy would be stimulated by low interest lending.

The efficacy of keeping the base rate so low for so long has been marginal at best, as the economy has limped towards recovery much more slowly than it should be. As a result, the MPC is rumoured to be mulling over the decision to drop the base rate even further, and it is understood that such a reduction could occur before the New Year, leading to much more affordable lending opportunities for anyone applying for a loan that is linked to the Bank’s base rate, and while a few fractions of a percentage point may not seem like much of an improvement, over years of monthly repayments on a long term mortgage, the savings could be significant indeed.

This article was kindly provided by Steven Hughes from The Contractor Mortgage Center.

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The best ways of using Argan oil for hair

Argan oil is very much used by those who really care about their appearance and would like to also lead a healthier life. Having been made popular by Mohammed the VI through exportation and various forms of promotion, nowadays it can be found in many online and offline stores, being used for the many benefits it offers. Below we will take a closer look at the Argan oil for hair and how to properly use it.

First of all, people who have dry hair and also hair that has lost its shine can easily take advantage of argan oil. To style their hair with Moroccan oil, they should follow these 3 simple steps:

1. People should dry their wet hair by using a towel until damp.
2. Next they should spray the right amount of argan oil on the palms and hair and then rub it gently into their hair starting from the ends and going all the way to the roots. It’s recommended to be light when applying it on the roots.
3. Lastly, the hair should be styled as desired.

, but for those who are using heat styling tools for drying their hair, it’s best to apply the oil first so that it is properly protected from the damage thermal styling can bring.

Extra fine thin hair

Many people who have extra fine thin hair would like to have more volume and they don’t know how to achieve this. Luckily, argan oil is just the solution they’re looking for, but it should be applied only sparingly. The steps are as following:

1. Less than 1 drop should be sprayed on one’s hands.
2. The drop should then be rubbed on the body parts and face.
3. Leftovers should be rubbed on the hair by lightly touching it from ends to roots.

Afro American hair\thick curly hair

In order to enhance coils or natural curls, a generous amount of Argan oil should be applied. Next, the steps to follow include:

1. A towel should be used for drying the wet clean hair until damp.
2. A section of hair should be taken and rubbed with argan oil starting at the ends. The thickness and length of the hair section will influence the amount of oil to be used. It’s best to work with smaller sections.
3. The process should be repeated until all hair sections are done.
4. The hair can now be styled as usual.

With that being said, anyone who will use these steps will finally be able to have a better looking, feeling and healthier hair!

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