My best friend’s idea of fun

Each word’s letter composition might be short but it takes a lot of meaning which is sometimes hard to define. Live. For God gave you this opportunity to explore the world. Love. It is essential for you to connect with your friends, stick with your relatives and create a family of your own. And never forget to laugh. This will revitalize your whole system. These three words are vital to every individual who is striving for a better purpose of living. But why in all emotions, the idea of fun seems to be one essential ingredient in achieving a rewarding disposition?

Naturally, we are born with the idea of fun. In our daily lives, we are not actually aware of little things that make us happy. It is because we are more focused on the huge achievement that we want to accomplish which is important to us. But what if that main goal is still too far from your reach, won’t you even notice the pleasurable moments that come your way everyday? You’ll definitely miss a chunk of you life if you do. Let me share to you my best friend’s idea of having fun.

My best friend believed that a person who takes time to be happy at the midst of difficulties has a positive outlook in life. This person knows how to handle negative and positive things all in his hands. He is therefore, matured enough to successfully feel that his alright even though his not.

Studies show that a young child smiles for about 400 times a day but when a person grows older, the number declines to 15 times per day. Does it indicate that the more we grow older the less we can experience fun? It’s a terrible reality. We tend not to enjoy just because of maybe our personal disappointments in life or it might be suppressed by wrong perception. If this is the case, we definitely miss tidbits of happiness that comes along our journey. Kudos for the mature person who can still appreciate funny things despite of the fact that something is breaking inside him.

My best friend also pointed out that a person who considers the idea of fun has a favorable attitude. This is due to the way of thinking of a person. Success depends greatly on one’s attitude. So when you know how to handle problems out, you’ll be successful.

Remember that when you consider the idea of fun it does not necessarily mean you have just to wait for the time when you can be happy. You can also be creative on putting yourself on the lighter side. Do the craziest things that you never tried before and you will discover that it is worth no price.

Photo: BARBIE GEEK by weelakeo

Edited: April 12th, 2011