My idea of fun

Whether you are working or studying, sometimes we get a stressful day or week. It is so upsetting after spending our precious time either doing some extended paper work from office or a rush project done to meet up thedeadline set by the school we receive a bad result. Considering that, an idea of fun is preferable to have. Somehow it will lessen the burden you feel now and eventually, you will find yourself already reminiscing the old days.

Back when we were so innocent of the things around us, most of us consider fun as something that we find enjoyment to, whether it is an ordinary thing or not. The idea of pleasure might already in them. My perception about fun compare to other people is different; the idea of fun is so simple. It’s all about toys in bed. It’s quite enjoying in this stage playing that stuffs until we fell asleep. To them, that is fun already!

As days passed, little by little our innocence evolves into curiosity and that, we learned more about the concept of fun. It’s all about the enjoyment we get either from work or social gatherings. However, we sometimes get a misconception between fun and enjoyment. Fun is purely a playful activity! We might wonder that we can say, I had fun but definitely I didn’t enjoy or, I enjoyed a lot but I didn’t have fun. But, why would I contrast these two if both give the feeling of pleasure.

The idea of fun simply comes from four letters; it is a big capital P-L-A-Y. As long as we forget the stress, disappointments and pressures, fun had already there. It may come from in a simple conversation like doing some jokes or discussing some brain twister in the group. Also, play doesn’t mean we have to run over here and over there. We can utilize our time playing some scrabbles or chess with our family. Fun is more enjoyable if we just let ourselves do things naturally. Perhaps, you’ll find it much enjoying if we spend it with our dear family either playing PC games.

Share your extra time doing some games and have fun. Go out with your close friends, family or your officemates. Just play! Don’t rush things because at the end of the day, you’ll find yourself empty of the things you had done. The idea of fun is essential in making the canvass more beautiful and meaningful.

Photo: IT Crowd iPhone Wallpaper by drumminhands

Edited: June 14th, 2011